Instruction: How to unlock modem

First of all we must say that you made the right decision - service Inspire Your Device provides quick, reliable and cheapest methods for unlocking 2g/3g modems.

We are not engaged in resale - all software is written by our programmers! Therefore our prices are attractive for end users - we do not depend on anybody else.

That's why you will not find our ads on many popular forums - their moderators, often are resellers, and don't let us publish ads: delete positive users feedbacks, our messages. Because we make them a danger to the resale business ;)

Now, about unlocking step by step.

Download and install Inspire client program

Get login and password - register on site

Connect modem to computer, wait until the drivers will be installed, close all other programs

Run Inspire client. Press "Detect" button for detecting modem model and unlocking possibility

If model detected successfully - task buttons will appear. Select appropriate task (unlocking, voice activation, modem reflashing) and press button

If task is free - just input login and password you've get above. If task is paid, then you have to buy credit(s).
In this case you will see such message:
Not enough credits for this request! You have: Х credits, but need: Y Please, fill up your credit balance.
Credit - is a reference designation. Guiding price for 1 credit = 1 USD. Login to site and goto "Credits" menu for buying credits.

Modem will be unlocked after the recharge you credits balance in 1 minute.

That's all! Now your modem will "eat" cards of any operator;) Congratulations!
The entire list of device models see on special supported page or just install Inspire Client and it'll check itself.

Good luck! For any questions fell free to contact us or leave your messages on our forum.


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